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I am Aarushi R Jain

As an avid traveller, I have observed places famed for their design, have stayed at places around the world which allowed me to understand different design styles, dined and visited spaces designed to allow for enthralling experiences. 

I believe we as a generation live by the work hard, play hard principle, however, playing becomes dull when all it can include is going to eat, shop or party. 


This blog is me passing my heart-shaped tinted glasses to you as a friend so you could fulfil yourself without knocking on every door, or scrolling through every entry Google search brings to you. I aim to bring you a plethora of choices on productive things to read, hear, watch, learn, and visit in order to answer the age-old question bothering all of us, dominating all our group chats:


Hey, do you want to do something different this weekend?

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